Aikido – Syllabus, Etiquette and Ranks


Aikido Renshinkai is comprised of the following categories:

  • Kamae Basic stanceĀ  (1).
  • Kihon dosa Basic movements (6).
  • Kihon waza Basic techniques (150 – 3000).
  • Ukemi Breakfalls (7).
  • Jiyu Waza Freestyle and Ichitaita one against many.
  • Jisen soku waza applied or self defense.
  • Buki Waza (Weapons).
  • Bokken – Sword.
  • Tanto – Knife.
  • Jo – Short staff.



To view the Adult Grading Syllabus for 3rd-1st kyu, Shodan & Yudan (2016), click here (PDF).



To view the Child Grading Syllabus and the Adult Grading Syllabus for 10th – 4th Kyu (2014), click here (PDF).



1) Remove watches, rings and any other pieces of jewelry before class. Please keep your finger nails and toe nails cut short.

2) Ensure your Gi is clean and repaired and that your weapons are in good condition. Never use someone else’s Gi or weapons without permission.

3) When entering or leaving the dojo, it is proper to bow in the direction of Kancho Soke Sensei’s picture or the front of the dojo. You should also bow when entering or leaving the mat (leading with the left foot).

4) If you arrive to class late, sit quietly in seiza on the mat just inside the entrance until Sensei grants permission for you to join the session. Once granted, perform 25 push-ups before joining the rest of the group.

5) Weapons are to be laid out on the floor against the wall with the blade edges and tips pointing away from Kancho Soke Sensei’s picture. Do not lean your weapons against the wall in an upright position.

6) Please keep talking during class to a minimum and do not swear. What conversation there is should be about Aikido only.

7) If you must to leave the mat or dojo for any reason during class, approach Sensei and ask for permission.

8) Avoid sitting on the mat with your back to the picture of Kancho Soke Sensei. Do not lean against the walls or sit against the walls with your legs stretched out. (Either sit in seiza or cross-legged and bow when switching between the two.)

9) Carry out the directives of Sensei immediately. RUN to the appropriate areas and when retrieving / returning weapons — do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you.

10) Humility and respect for fellow students is to be observed at all times, regardless of rank. Inflated egos have no place in Aikido.

11) Your fellow senior students are the best role models for dojo etiquette and their actions and behaviours should be observed closely. If you have any questions, feel free to speak with them before or after class.



10th Kyu white
9th Kyu white
8th Kyu yellow 2 months
7th Kyu yellow 3 months
6th Kyu orange 3 months
5th Kyu orange 4 months
4th Kyu green 6 months
3rd Kyu blue 6 months
2nd Kyu brown 7 months
1st Kyu brown 1 year
Shodan black 1 year