“Gold Tiger Karate Dojo is a traditional karate school located in downtown Toronto. Through traditional training with modern science based strength and conditioning, we provide a friendly inclusive environment promoting healthy lifestyles through physical education for children, youth and adults.

 Goju Ryu Karate-do

goju-ryu-fistGoju Ryu (hard – soft style) Karate-do (empty hand way) was created by Sensei Chojun Miyagi.  The style utilizes linear attack (hard) with circular movements (soft) together to create a blend of striking, grappling, sweeps, throws, and locks.  Kata is thoroughly practiced along with the study of application that can be found in the kata.  Along with developing strength, flexibility, endurance through body conditioning, students will see the positive health benefits like stress reduction, increased lung capacity, that are provided with the training.

Recognized by the Dai Nippon Butotukai in Japan as a koryu and bujutsu, it is practiced worldwide and has created many offshoots of the style.


s-walters-budokan-2015-embuMartial arts training is one of the few activities that promotes and nurtures a healthy lifestyle. By focusing on character development through learning positive life skills, it allows the practitioner to apply what they learn in their daily life.  Our environment is created to purposely improve confidence, self-esteem, safe environmental assessment, self-control, reduced stress, fitness level and focus.

Kids 4 – 6

Our kid’s program focuses on helping the child develop their listening and motor skills through the practice of kihon, the basic movements of karate.  There is less focus on belt ranking with a stripe promotion system tailored to reflect the child’s development in the program.  Learning to fall, basic self-defense techniques, listening drills and interactive games make up this fun class.

Youth 7 – 13

Our youth program is designed to foster a strong healthy character that will make them more aware of themselves and their environment. Kata (forms), kihon,  waza (break falls), and kumite training are the focal point. This more structured program follows the belt grading system that is longer than the adult belt grading system.

Adult and Teen

The adult program is a rigorous program that consists of strength and conditioning, kata, kumite, grappling, and bunkai (applications from the kata) analysis.  This program follows the traditional belt grading system.  The minimum age for this class is 14 years old.



Shane Walters Sensei

Shane Walters

Head Instructor Shane Walters, started his karate training
in 2002 and began assisting classes within that same year.
From there he began to provide classes and workshops for
public schools, community groups, and other dojo’s and
private groups. In 2010 Shane returned to post-secondary
studies and enrolled in Fitness and Health Promotion with
the aim to get a better understanding of exercise science,
strength and conditioning for martial arts training and
competition. With the completion of his program and work
as a personal trainer/boxing instructor he provides an extra
benefit to the martial arts training to accommodate different
body types and fitness levels. Aside from instructing, he
continues to train regularly under his Sensei to continue his
development and deeper understanding of Goju Ryu.

For inquiries contact us at goldtigerkarate@gmail.com, as well you can get updates by following us on our Facebook page and Instagram account.”