Iaido – New Student Guidelines

Once new students join the class, they will be introduced to the dojo etiquette as well as basic handling of the sword, some basic principles of the art and of the practice hall (dojo). Students will be learning about Japanese culture. Iaido has been handed down from the famed culture of Japanese samurai.

To begin with, students are not required to wear a ‘iaido gi’ (clothing traditionally worn in a iaido class). They will only be required to wear it for the first CKF sponsored grading.

Recommended clothing for the class for a new student is any comfortable clothes they wish to wear with sleeves and long pant legs. For the sword they will be using a wooden sword (bokken or bokuto). These are available in the dojo. They will purchase a iaito (an aluminum alloy replica) as well as a gi later.

If you have any question or need clarification, you can email Peter Schramek (peterschramek@bell.net).