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2016 Iaido Winter Grading Results

The Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) is sponsoring this year’s winter grading examinations (shinza in Japanese).
Three of our students challenged the next grade and passed, namely

  • Dona Maloney passed 1st dan (shodan)
  • Ryby Lee passed 1st kyu (ikyu)
  • Chengbo Li passed 1st kyu (ikyu)

Congratulations to them.

Good work.

2015 Iaido Winter Grading Results (Posted: Dec-13-2015)

 The 2015 Eastern Canadian CKF shinza (grading examination) has been held on 5-December at the Etobicoke Olympium. Some of our students have participated with the following results:
  • Francis Penir passed the Second dan (nidan)
  • Dona Maloney passed the First kyu (ikyu)
Congratulations to them.